Workforce Resilience

Salt Lake City Workforce Resilience

SafeLane Health is a proud partner of Workforce Resilience Through Mental Fitness, a new initiative from the Salt Lake Chamber’s nonprofit social impact foundation—Utah Community Builders. Dr. Thiese, one of our founders, recently presented on why it is critical for organizations and individuals to pay attention to our biggest mental health problem: depression.

Let’s shine some light and reverse the not-so-good trend of depression on the rise in Utah.

Curious where you may fall on the depression scale?

There are proven things that you can do to unlock your greatest potential and become a healthier you. But, first you need to see where you are. Anonymously take our depression assessment for no charge and get a few ideas of things you can do today to feel better.

Curious to learn more? We have launched The Lightbulb Cure to a few individuals and will let you know when it is more readily available.

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What’s The Lightbulb Cure all about?